Miami Commercial & Documentary Director

Besides working as a cinematographer in Miami, Isaac Mead-Long also has an extensive background working as a director on commercials, documentaries, branded content, and narrative projects.  Similar to how Isaac Mead-Long brings a specific aesthetic to his cinematography, he also does the same while directing.  He's had the opportunity, as a Miami video director, to direct campaigns and commercials for major U.S. and international companies.  His documentary background has been key to a lot of these commercial campaigns, as companies begin to move more towards these cinematic, docu-style commercials for their companies.

As a Miami film director and South Florida film director, Isaac Mead-Long has had a ton of experience working with clients and agencies to help take their concepts and storyboards to the next level.  No matter what stage of pre-production that the agency is in, Isaac is able to hop on board and contribute his vision for the project and help take it through pre-production all the way until post-production.  As a film director, Isaac Mead-Long values the relationship between a director and an actor and will work very closely with the actors or models to make sure they give the best performance that helps tell the story at hand.

As a documentary director, Isaac Mead-Long has had a lot of experience telling both short and long form documentaries.  The majority of his experience lies in sports documentaries, but he is able to help tell any store that you may want to tell.  As a documentary director, Isaac Mead-Long helps find the core of the story during filming and will use his cinematic eye to bring this story to life in the most visually engaging way.