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Isaac Mead-Long 

Based in Miami, Florida USA


          Isaac Mead-Long is an award-winning director, cinematographer and editor based in Miami, Florida. Originally from Pennsylvania, Isaac now specializes in cinematic documentaries, commercials, branded content, and narrative work.

          His recent documentary credits as a cinematographer include HBO's "Allen V. Farrow", CNN Films and Raw TV's "The Lost Sons", "Seve: Artist Fighter Legend" for Rakuten TV and he is currently working on a new documentary for Netflix.

         After attending the University of Miami and graduating with his MFA in film directing, he began working as a cinematographer and director in Miami. He's shot for a number of clients including Discovery, Jameson, ESPN, NFL, SXSW, Snapchat, MTV, Toyota, Avion, Netflix, HBO, Apple TV and many more.

         Isaac specializes in bringing a cinematic eye to every one of his projects and has extensive experience framing and lighting interviews, verite filmmaking, one man director/DP shoots, and working with clients to help bring their visions to life.


Full Resume Available Upon Request


Isaac has a partnership with a local production/rental house and can provide full production services.

Camera Packages:
Alexa Mini
Sony Burano

Sony FX9, Sony FX6

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