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Miami Commercial & Documentary Cinematographer

Isaac Mead-Long, originally born in Pennsylvania, has always had a love for cameras and cinema.  Having grown up with a professional photographer in his family, Isaac has always been around cameras since he picked up his first video camera in middle school. 


His biggest asset on a production is his visual eye and ability to find intriguing compositions wherever he is. Throughout the years he's lived and been a Miami Director of Photography and Cinematographer, Isaac has refined his craft as the work he has gotten to film has grown in quality and substance.  

Isaac makes sure that he stays on top of the newest camera and lighting technology so he can bring the most up to date and advanced knowledge to any commercial or documentary project.  Isaac Mead-Long provides a specific aesthetic to every project to help tell the story as best as possible.


In respects to commercial filmmaking, Isaac Mead-Long makes sure to work with the agency and clients that have hired him to best workout the visual style and look of their respective project.  Whether this is a commercial, branded content, or social media content, Isaac will always help bring the client's vision to life with the cinematography and will enhance every project with his visual style and cinematography skillset.  Isaac has worked his way to being one of the top Miami commercial and documentary cinematographers and will bring his passion and talent to every project. 

With documentary filmmaking, Isaac Mead-Long has had a lot of experience in South Florida and around the world on projects, both big and small, and always allows himself to be fully immersed in the project without becoming overbearing so the subjects that are being filmed are at ease and comfortable throughout the process.  The biggest thing a Miami Documentary Filmmaker can do during a documentary is help the subjects being followed feel comfortable around the crew so that they can open up.  He's worked on dozens of documentaries about a variety of subjects and can shape his cinematography to best match the topic at hand.

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